Abortion & Humanity

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me whether she should procure an abortion. Her fetus was just one week old. On the evidence of her situation, my advice for her was having an abortion. However, when I shared this story on Facebook, many people yelled at me because they think that abortion is inhuman.abortion-demo
Now, I think force majeure applies in this situation: a young girl is pregnant although she took a pill and her boyfriend used a condom while having sex; she and her boyfriend are not in love; her family cannot afford her to feed the baby; she is young and does not want to have a baby at this time. Some will tell her not to have an abortion because it is murder and inhuman. I support safe, legal abortion. Here are something to consider:
1. People believe abortion is inhumane. So it does not matter how big or small the fetus is, it is unacceptable to kill a living thing inside your body. What about a girl taking emergency the hormonal contraceptive pill (aka morning after pill) after having unprotected sex? Does it also mean she is killing a little living thing?
2. She wants to have an abortion to forget the past and have a fresh start. You say it is inhumane. At the time, the fetus might be a little tiny cell. You force the girl to let it grow because it is her and her partner’s fault. You condemn them for being cowards if they even think about having an abortion. When the baby is born, the guy is not brave enough to stay and support, the mother gives up her dream in order to look after the baby. So as a consequence of protecting a cell, the baby, the biological father, the mother and others such as the grandparents and stepfather will have a difficult life. You call that being humane?
3. You say once the baby is born, the mother can put the child up for adoption and then she can start her life all over again. Have you thought about how the baby would feel? The baby would think that dad doesn’t want me, neither does mom. You want to protect the tiny cell, let it grow, let it be born and then DUMP it in the world without its parents; somehow it feels unwanted and starts hating its parents. You force the tiny cell to grow up without asking whether it wants to live or not and you think that you are saving its life. You call that being humane?
4. You ask those wanting to have an abortion to stop. You promise them that you and many charity organizations will take care of their babies and give them a good life. Can I trust you? There are millions of people in this country still living in slums, who have no access to health care and education. They are human beings. They were once a cell. They don’t receive any help. You promise that you will give our babies the best lives as if this world is full of magic.
5. You say orphanages and charity organizations give the best care for kids and they all live a happy life. Well, it might be true when they are young. Once they grow up, nobody cares what is going to happen to them. If they fail to be successful in life, you say it is because they were abandoned by their parents and the children don’t have support. Have you ever thought about the beginning when the couple wanted to have an abortion because they couldn’t give the child a good life? You asked them not to do so. Should you be responsible for the child’s success as well as their failure? To be honest, I have not seen any organization brave enough to take on this responsibility.
6. You say abortion is inhuman. Recently, a 10-year-old girl in Paraguay was sexually assaulted by her stepfather but she could not get rid of the unborn fetus according to those who defend humanity because this is murder. You force the 10-year-old girl to grow up in shame and with psychological disorders for something that she did not do. You do not give her a chance to change her life. You take away her human rights, her women’s rights as if women are born just to give birth, and do not have a right to pursuit happiness. You cannot even take care of the 10-year-old girl, cannot protect her but you welcome the baby inside her tummy as if the baby can have a great future.
7. You say abortion is inhuman. According to a United Nations’ report in 2013, every year in developing countries, 2 million girls under 14 give birth under unwanted circumstances. Many of them suffer long-term health problems after giving birth. An estimated 70,000 adolescent die each year due to complications from pregnancy or childbirth at a young age.
8. You vehemently condemn abortion so those people who want to find a way out, want to get rid of the past in order to rebuild their lives, have to go to unsafe abortion places. Nobody dares to teach these girls to have a safe abortion because society condemns abortion. As a result, statistics show that over the past two decades about one million women and girls have been killed and more than 100 million people have been injured (many for a lifetime) due to complications from abortion. Your view is to save a child for humanity but you also mercilessly trample on the rights of the mother.
9. Dear single moms, I always admire and respect what you have done to overcome trouble and gossip and how you help your children grow up happily. I totally agree that single mom life is moving on, however, you don’t have the right to criticize those who have an abortion or to call them murderers because they don’t want to be single moms. You are not in their shoes.
Vo Thi My Linh

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